Favor Exchange

My wife's sister and her husband usually come to watch a movie and sleep over on weekends. I am not sure if I like to confess that I like how my wife's sister's husband enjoys looking at my wife's body that reveals sensually through her always thin and short nightgowns. My wife knows it, so she adopts provocative postures. Last time, my wife asked him if he could give her a low back massage as we saw the movie. I thought she was going to wear her regular pajamas consisting of trousers and a jacket so she could pull up the jacket for the low back massage. But, to my surprise, she came out of our bedroom in her usual short nightgown. She bent over an ottoman in front of him and asked him to start. He pulled up the hem of her nightgown to her upper back and began to work on her lower back as we started to watch the movie. I noticed the uncomfortable expression of my wife's sister, but neither she nor I were able to say anything. I guess we didn't want to show a jealous attitude. I couldn't help a strong arousal as my wife's back was massaged by her sister's husband. He occasionally reached her buttocks and, since she didn't complain and I pretended not to notice, he began to freely caress my wife's buttocks that had already developed goose bumps. She was obviously excited and relaxed. When she couldn't withstand her arousal anymore, and since he didn't make a riskier move, she got up in the middle of the movie, told her sister to pause it for a while, and asked me to accompany her to our bedroom. Once there, she grabbed me and, without more preambles, she initiated sex. When we were on our way back to the living room, my in-laws were making love right there. The next morning during breakfast, we all laughed after my wife's sister bent over the table, pulled up her nightgown, and asked me to give her a buttocks massage.

— Clark, 41