In The Middle

From an early age, I wore my mommy's clothes every chance that I got. My first sexual experience was with another boy. I was considered attractive and had more than my share of girls in high school. Through all of this I considered myself heterosexual (I know, I was confused). When I was nineteen, my car broke down and I had to hitch-hike back and forth to my job at the mall. One night as I was heading home, a couple of guys stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. After drinking some beer with them, they asked if I wanted to stop at their apartment to continue the party. After arriving there and drinking some more beer, they said that I should get out of my suit and be more comfortable. One of them handed me some clothes. Imagine my surprise when I went to change and found that he had given me a girl's top and shorts along with a pair of panties. I was feeling pretty good and loose, so I put them on and came back out. One of the guys went into the kitchen to do the dishes while the other asked if I would mind if he got more comfortable. He came back fairly quickly wearing a bathrobe. He then asked if I had ever kissed a man before. I shyly told him about my experiences growing up. He then gently guided me to give him oral sex. As I began, I felt another pair of hands removing my shorts and panties. I was quite surprised when I felt someone close behind me. I had never had sex like that before. It sure felt good, though. It was so awesome. I loved the delicious, slutty feeling that it gave me.

— Robert, 46