A History Of Hosiery

It started when I was a kid. Why did my sister get to wear pretty colors and mine were plain, white jockeys? Then I discovered the feel of panties. I loved sliding my hand under my girlfriend's jeans or up her skirt almost as much to feel her panties as to feel her. At times, I would stay home. Then after mom and dad went to work and my sister would leave for school, I would strip down and dress in my sister's panties. Sometimes, I would wiggle into her long-leg panty girdle (stylish in the sixties), stockings and pumps. I could spend most of the day dressed like that. After leaving home, I always had a pair or two around the apartment and would on occasion wear them to bed. At age twenty, I met an older woman that basically used me as a plaything and would dress me in frilly panties and sometimes in garters and stockings. I loved it but fell for a girl of nineteen and quit seeing the older woman. We went our separate ways. I was married twice, but neither wife knew that I would wear their panties when they weren't around. Later, I told a long-term lover that I would love to wear her panties during sex. She played along but wasn't that excited about it. The same happened with a couple more lovers. Thirty years passed, and I am now married to that nineteen-year-old girl (now fifty), and she buys my panties for me. On occasion, she dresses me, adding thigh-highs and garters to my outfit. She knows I would love to be wearing stilettos while dressed up but says that might be too much. I love her for so many reasons and appreciate her for her playfulness.

— Nathan, 54