All's Fair

Well, it started back in 1997 when I first I met his wife. She had bright red natural hair that was curly and shoulder length. She had melon-sized breasts and legs you could just eat up with a birth mark on her calf. The best was her full lips. They just looked ready to please a man. I didn't see her for a few months, but the wait was well worth it. The last time she had on a long formal dress. This time it was a pair of shorts, tight blouse, and bright red lipstick. I knew that she turned me on, and I wanted her, but figured I had no chance at all. Well, I changed jobs. Then her hubby, my friend, followed me. I got promoted, and he was promoted after me. This started a chain of upward moves for both of us. What I knew was that he was a major player, chasing skirts everywhere. He would leave his wife alone a lot. I started making a point of inviting them over for bar-b-cues. I paid attention to her, joking, telling her how lovely she looked. Well, it took two years but at one of my Christmas parties, I found her in the master bedroom putting on lipstick. I knew she had had a few drinks, so I decided to make a move. I told her she looked wonderful and then kissed her. She was taken by surprise. She pushed me back but didn't leave, so I kissed her again. She allowed me to continue doing so. When we broke the kiss, I told her how much I wanted to do that for such a long time. Somebody had come down the hall looking for the bathroom, so we walked out. During the party, I ended up behind her in the back of the living room during a game. I placed my hands on her hips out of view from everybody. Then I brought my hips into her, letting her feel my excitement. She just sipped her drink. It took three months for me to find a window to see her alone. Her hubby had gone, leaving her alone at home. I drove over. She walked out wearing shorts and a tank top. She told me the kiss was wonderful, but no more. I decided to play the ace. I told her everything I knew about her hubby's games, and I mentioned a few times that she came close to catching him. She started to cry, right into my arms, and we ended up in bed that afternoon. We did so for two years until I changed jobs. Some might say I was a SOB, but as her hubby always said, all's fair when it comes to women.

— Ronald, 49