I Fell For Her Trap

This started twenty-one years ago. My mother-in-law was sixty-one back then. I have always been attracted to older women and their clothes. I started out by smelling her panties. The scent would get me so horny. I would then have sex with my wife as fast as I could. About eighteen years ago, I went down to her house four hours away to fix her stove. I spent the night after completing the repair. I took my shower, and afterwards she went in. When she came out, I went in to smell her used panties. I forgot to close the door. She walked in as I covered my face with it, inhaling deeply. When I pulled it down, there she was standing there. I didn't know what to do. I froze. She took my hand and led me to the living room. She asked how long I had been doing this, and I told her the truth. I told her how good she smelled. To my surprise, she knew about it. She told me she noticed that her used panties were always moved whenever I was around. She had left them out after her bath to see if I would go after them. With that, she opened her robe exposing herself. There was nothing under the robe. She was sixty-four now and a bit heavy. I dropped to my knees, and it didn't take me long to start giving her oral. From there she moved to the floor with me. We had sex. We have been having sex since then. She's always leaving her smelly panties for me when she visits us. She is now eighty-two, but I still love it.

— Jefferson, 49