Regrets For Not Doing It Sooner

I have been a widower for over three years, and everyone at work has been very supportive of my loss. One lady, Madge was very friendly to the extent of giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek once in a while. Last year, Madge changed jobs to be closer to her mother, but she still lived in the area. Last Friday, out of the blue, Madge called and asked if we could go out to dinner. I accepted and met her at a nice restaurant. One thing led to another after a couple of drinks, and she asked if I would like to go home with her. After dinner, we were in the parking lot, and things got a little hot. She gave me oral sex right there in my car and asked if I would follow her home. I told her that I would follow her anywhere that night. We got to her house, and I gave her oral sex. Then we made passionate love that continued into Saturday and Sunday. Sex with Madge is fantastic, and we both regret not getting together sooner even when we were working together.

— Samuel, 45