Keeping The Wall Up

Ok, well here goes, and lets see what people have to say. I was with my ex for a year and half. I never caught her cheating on me, but I'm not stupid. When I would ask her she kind of shied away from it and said she never did. We broke up, and I was hurt for about a month or so. Thank God I had great friends. Now that I am over her completely, I have had this friend for about two years now. I met her at my job, and we became almost like best friends. Recently things have started to be more than just a friendship. I have seen six other girls since my ex, but I'm not that interested in any of them anymore since getting a little more serious with this 'friend. In fact, I just want this friend and no one else. I know I have loved her and cared for her as a friend, but now I am loving her more than a friend. She is the best, and she is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. We click so well. I have this wall up, and I'm a little afraid to let it down for her, even though I think I should. I think I am just scared, scared of getting hurt by this girl. She is awesome!

— Barry, 26