Finish Me Up!

While in a hotel spending a weekend, my wife asked me if I wanted to take advantage of a two-for-one massage coupon. I said I was not really interested, but I encouraged her to have one since it seemed she really wanted it. Later on, this young Asian lady came over and, after gracefully introducing herself, asked my wife to undress and get on this portable table. Rather ashamed, my wife did as she asked. I found it strange but somewhat interesting watching her stripping in the presence of this lady, and I got ready for the show. The picture of my freckled, pale, white, redhead, thirty-nine-year-old wife at the mercy of this young, well-fit brunette Asian lady didn't take too much to turn me on greatly. Her hands traveled from toes to neck without skipping over any part of her body. This lady was so pleasing and gentle that my wife got rid of her modesty and gave over to her. This lady slowed down and asked my wife at what time she wanted her second massage tomorrow. Almost unconscious, my wife begged, "At the same time." When the lady was gone, we both screamed out loud, "Finish me up!" After two seconds, we both finished badly. The day after, I was late to the session. So, when I got in our room, my wife was already on the table. This time in the hands of this young Asian gentleman. But that one I will tell you about it in another confession.

— Wade, 41