Almost With Our Son's Friend

During a snow storm, with work and school cancelled, I went out to shovel snow. Jackie stayed in preparing breakfast for our kids and a friend of theirs who had just had a sleep-over last night. When back inside, I saw Jackie in her short bath robe fixing pancakes. She invited me join them. When she had finished her food, she asked our kid's friend to help her organize some winter clothing in our bedroom closet. After cleaning up the dishes, I went to our bedroom. I found my wife in our walk-in closet standing on a stool and passing all sorts of winter clothing to Troy who was sitting on the carpet. "How is it going?" I asked. Jackie said, "Everything is fine," and asked me to take the kids to have a haircut. Troy didn't want to come, so he stayed with Jackie while I was with our kids at the barber shop. A couple of hours later when we came back, all in the house was neatly organized. "We've been working hard," Jackie still in her bath robe said and then asked me to follow her to our bedroom. Once in there, she told me she didn't change her bath robe since she kind of liked how Troy looked at her. She said she was happy we came back because she was getting so aroused that she was starting to lose her mind. She said she had told Troy that if I didn't come back soon she was going to need him to help her out depilating her legs. With no bra on, her breasts looked gorgeous moving freely underneath her fine robe. Her thong style undies were also noticeable. She turned around and bent over, leaning on our bed, and begged me to make love to her. When doing it, she was telling me about the way Troy looked at her while housekeeping and that his hard-on was so obvious through his sweet pants she couldn't help desiring him badly. She confessed she was fantasizing it was Troy making love to her in that moment and not me as she begged me to do it harder as if I were a kid again. I closed my eyes and just pretended I was making love to her as I used to some twenty years ago when she was still in high school.

— Nathan, 41