No Confession, True Fact

I don't feel that this is a confession as it is a true fact. I love to wear women's panties, I love to give women oral sex, and I love to be naked as much as possible, preferably all the time. It wouldn't bother me to never wear clothes again. I might even consider being with a man. At the moment, I'm as straight as an arrow, but I think that could change. Anyone interested? I prefer bright-colored panties and the more lace the better. I just can't see why there is all this controversy about men wearing women's underwear. Damn, it feels good! So smooth, so comfortable, so coo in the summer, and usually of a much better quality. You know what? The really great thing is that my wife knows, approves, and encourages this. She loves to buy me panties. I also buy my own as it does not bother me to go into a woman's clothing store or department and pick out what I like. Guys, you don't know what you are missing until you wear women's underwear.

— Ivan, 58