The Best Day Ever!

My girlfriend's mom is so hot. I mean like 5' 5", a hundred and twenty pounds, and a D cup. One day, I went over to my girlfriend's house. We had amazing sex, but then she had to go to cheerleading practice. I stayed at her house for a while just watching TV when her mom came home. I had thought that both her parents were away, but really only her dad was. So, her mom came in and sat down right next to me. She was wearing a mini jean skirt with a tight shirt that made me want her so badly. But since it was my girlfriend's mom, I was nice and didn't do anything. As we were watching TV, she kept staring at me. Then she asked me if her daughter and I had ever had sex. I said yes, trying to be truthful, and I knew she would understand. She did, and then she told me I could stay as long as I wanted while she ran upstairs to take a shower. Five minutes later, she called my name to come help her. I walked in, and she was wearing a thong and an extra tight and too small shirt. I sat down, and she gave me the best lap dance as I stripped her down. Then slowly she stripped me. So, we were both naked and I was loving it. She went down on me and gave me oral sex. Then I did the same to her. Then we had sex for about two hours. Later, I was in bed with her both being naked and my girlfriend walked in on us. I got in huge trouble, but her mom settled her down. Then I had sex with the both of them. It was the best day ever.

— Todd, 19