Acting On Family Secrets

I am a twenty-seven-year-old guy originally from India. I am married. My American wife, who is twenty-five, and I do swapping frequently. But, that's not the issue I am going to share with you now. In fact, last year I went to India for one month. During that time, my wife was living with my parents here in the States. Both of my parents are medical doctors. My dad is fifty-two, and my mom is forty-five. They are very decent, loving parents. When I came back from India, my wife told me that they were into partner swapping. Hearing that, I really got shocked. I couldn't trust my ears. I never thought my parents could have done such a thing as this. They always pretend to be people of strict discipline. I never thought they could ever break the rules or give in to those kinds of feelings if they did have them. Anyway, my wife told me that it all started when I had only been back to India for two days. They told my wife that they were an extremely discrete couple, and they said they had been involved in the swapping lifestyle for a long time. They learned that we were into swapping. They said they were glad to have learned about our secrets so they could share theirs.

— Timanji, 27