Love To Give A Good Spanking!

I have a huge spanking fetish. I love to put women across my knee and soundly spanking their bottom until it's a bright red color. I have all types of implements, but my favorite is my wooden paddle which has little holes in it for more effect. Women with bigger butts are more enjoyable to spank because they have a higher pain tolerance then someone with a skinny little butt. I make these girls call me sir and thank me for paddling their bottoms. They love it and so do I! Sometimes we role play naughty schoolgirl and I'm the teacher/principle disciplining them. I make them wear short little skirts, pantyhose and thongs. They lift their skirt and present their butt to me by laying across my lap and counting each and every swat with my paddle. Nothing turns me on more than giving a good spanking!

— Maurice, 28