Mistaken Identity

One time, I went over to my girlfriend's house to have sex with her. We had planned it out days in advance, and I was totally psyched. It was our first time together. I walked into her house and into her room. She said her parents were away, but really only her dad was. I was early and heard the shower going and thought it would be sexy and hot to see her in the shower. So, I walked in, and it was her mom. I saw her with her big breasts and her petite body, and I right away ran up and jumped in with her. At first, she was nervous. Then I started rubbing her and she liked it. I was all wet in my clothes, and she slowly undressed me. Then I sat on the toilet seat and she gave me a lap dance. Then we had shower sex. We made out for about an hour, laying on the floor. Then my girlfriend knocked on the door and joined in. It was awesome. It was the best in the world.

— Jeremy, 19