Lingerie Exhibition

I kept a secret stash of lingerie at work to use during the day. While at work, on a nice fall day when wearing a jacket was necessary, I would take my bag of lingerie to the washroom just before lunch and put on a girdle, hose, long-line bra, lacy camisole and a white see-through blouse. I would then put my jacket on to hide the clothes until I made it to my car. The next step was to drive to an area where lots of women would be leaving their offices to have lunch or shop. Finding a secluded part of a parking lot, I would fill out my bra with some heavy-duty water filled balloons. Then, it was out of the car to start strolling around the sidewalks near office buildings and, when women approached in groups of two or more, I would either open up or take off my jacket and let my boobs bounce as I passed by them. By this time, my heart is pounding and the thrill is great if I get some reaction. Over the years, I have garnered lot of giggling, pointing, women asking me where my skirt and heels are to complete the outfit, and a couple that have asked if I wanted help them shop.

— Mack, 60