Silver Screen Surprise

A few years ago, I was looking after a friend's house while he and his wife were away on vacation, you know, watering the plants and stuff. On my second visit over there, I noticed their compact video recorder in its case sitting on the kitchen counter. Curious, I took it out, began to play the tape, and watched it on the little side screen. When it flickered to life, there was my buddy's very hot, petite, little wife getting seriously stimulated by one of the biggest packages I'd ever seen! I mean, the thing looked almost as big as she was, and she was thoroughly enjoying it! It was when I heard his voice that I realized it was my buddy doing the filming and watching. I know I shouldn't have, but the tape was so hot that I copied it for myself and have spent many happy hours watching my buddy's hot little wife while I masturbate and wish it was me on that tape!

— Josh, 47