Fact or Fantasy?

I have always worn feminine underwear whenever I got the chance to, going back to when I was a teenager. Even since I married, I carried on, and it is the same now as when I first indulged. My experience and I leave it up to you if you think it is fact or fiction. I went for a walk in the countryside. As usual, I was dressed underneath in my panties, bra, stockings and suspenders (garters to you in the US). I went to my favorite little hidey hole buried deep in the woods where I occasionally removed my outer clothes and lay there masturbating. It was a place where there was almost no chance of being overlooked, so I could moan in ecstasy without fear of being overheard. I was well into the routine one day. It was a warm summer afternoon, and it made the feeling even more enjoyable. When I became aware that someone was watching me, I felt so panicked that I tried hastily to get dressed. Suddenly, two men came into the little clearing where I was feeling totally embarrassed as to the predicament I was in. I didn't know if they were plain clothes police or local forest wardens. All I could say was that I was sorry and I would get out of there quick. Almost together, they said, "Don't worry. We quite like what we have been seeing." I was still in a state of undress and stopped pulling up my pants. Before I knew it, they lay down either side of me and their hands were on me. The feeling of two men so close to me made me very excited. Both of them began touching me. By now, my breathing was becoming a little faster. Before I knew it, the three of us were having a steamy session of sex. Afterwards, we all collapsed onto the ground exhausted. After we got dressed, we all agreed that this was the best thing that had happened to all of us and we agreed to meet up the following week. Now, do you believe all this happened, or was it a figment of my overactive imagination? I leave it to you to decide.

— Horace, 59