Adventures In Voyeurism

A few weeks ago, opposite my house we had a new family move in. My bedroom is opposite the adult daughter of the family who live there. After a couple of days, I noticed by accident that she was in her bedroom with curtains open, and she was undressing. I couldn't help watching as she took her t-shirt and then jeans off until she stood in her bra and panties. She combed her hair, unhooked her bra, and dropped it to the floor. She then removed her tiny white panties. She walked around for a few minutes naked, I think tidying up her things. This became a regular occurrence and aroused me. I masturbated while I watched her. After about a week or so, I decided to join her. So, one night as she was down to her underwear, I put my light on, left my curtains open, and undressed. I was in my boxers and thought I saw her look then look away. I was right. She kept glancing across but tried to make out that she wasn't watching. By then, I was erect in my boxers at the thought of her watching. She continued her regular nightly routine. She removed her bra and panties but was still peeking across at me. I plucked up the courage to remove my boxers and stood for a moment naked with my erect penis in full view for her. She was now glancing across more. I could tell she was watching. Over the next few days, this became a nightly thing. We both undressed in full view of each other until one night I decided to go a step further and masturbate. I started and knew it wouldn't take me long to climax due to being so horny. I was going at a steady pace, not looking at her and pretending I didn't know she was there. When I glanced quickly, she was staring at me not hiding the fact she was watching. This carried on for a few days until a couple of days ago she came to my house to ask if I wanted to go to her house as her parents were having a few drinks to get to know the neighbors. To cut a long story short, she started to visit my home more often. We got talking over a glass of juice when she said she sees me at night. She asked if I see her, to which I replied I do. One thing led to another, and I ended up masturbating while she watched, which she enjoyed. She now enjoys helping me out with some hand relief but enjoys watching me more. She still undresses at night but knows I'm watching now as she gives me a cheeky wave. I just hope soon she will undress for me while I masturbate for her.

— Jose, 21