Endless Birthday Celebrations

My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her that I wanted to see her in action with another man and that it would be even better if she could handle two. She took three days to consider my request but finally agreed. On my birthday, we checked into a nice hotel. I helped her to get ready for the two men by getting her a drink. As the two guys entered the room, I got a cloth to blindfold her with. I stripped her naked on the bed and waited for the two guys to take a shower. The three of us started to touch her all over. I kept encouraging her, telling her that she was doing very well and that she should relax and go with the flow. I kept telling her how much I enjoyed watching her. Slowly, she got into it, and that was the first time I saw how much she loved sex with other men. The two guys also enjoyed very much what they were doing. Actually, they were my two good friends, Eric and Dave. They finally got to share my sexy wife and how good she is in bed. I even video taped the whole session without her knowing. I watched it with my friends the next day. The whole session took around one and a half hours. After they left, I asked her if she enjoyed it. You know what her answer was? She asked me if I would like to celebrate my birthday again the following day!

— Manny, 37