I Got Caught!

I always told my Asian wife that I loved the feel on her nylon panties on my manhood just before we had sex. One morning, I put on a pair of her panties and started to cuddle in order to have sex. She found the panties as she went to fondle my manhood, and it was all over! What she didn't know is that I had been wearing women's underwear for years, and it was a real turn on. I wanted to tell her but never could get up the nerve. I would wear her undies whenever I could. I had the thought that if she would let me dress-up before we enjoyed sex, we would have had better sex. But, I never proved that. We got divorced. I'm living alone and cross-dressing as often as I want to. My bra collection is now up to twenty-four as I have just bought a sexy, nude-colored, 38-C push up from my local discount store with self checkouts. I have it on right now with pads to fill out the cups. I also have on a pair of matching panties, black thigh-high stay up nylons, and a sexy little black nightie on top of it all.

— Lou, 64