I Share My Interest With Other Men

I, too, have been wearing soft nylon panties since age ten when I had my first glimpse of a pretty pair of yellow lacey panty. I saw my neighbor's daughter wearing the prettiest panties, and I knew that I had to try those panties on! I wear mostly vintage fifties and sixties panties. They are so soft. I wear them everyday to work, play, etc. I share my interest with other panty men. I love the way they feel and fit. I have over a hundred pairs. Some I don't wear anymore. I wear full, soft, nylon peach-colored panties to bed with a long t-shirt. I would like to have a sheer shirt, but my wife put a limit on my nylons. I love my mini skirts, tight jeans, baby dolls, and bras. I've had a sexual experience with another guy. I loved it. We played like two little girls.

— Hal, 46