She Doesn't Know

I have to tell you, the hottest sex I ever had with my wife was when I set her up for a surprise threesome. We'd discussed one of her fantasies, which was to be tied up, blind-folded, and to let me have my way with her, like if she'd been taken by a burglar. Well, we agreed to act it out one night. I was to leave the house for a few hours, and she'd have a few drinks to loosen up. Then later I'd return, sneak into the house, and take her unawares. Little did she know, I had other plans and set it up with a friend of ours who'd let me know many times how hot he thought my wife was. After a few hours had passed, I did indeed sneak into the house. As per our agreement, I snuck up behind her in the bedroom, blindfolded her from behind, and tied her to the bed. Her arms were tied above to the bedposts, and her legs tied apart by the ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. I then had my way with her. When she was almost crazed with lust, she was surprised by the sensation of another man giving her oral, and then regular sex. As the night went on, she was pleasured by the two of us in every imaginable way. My friend left before I took off her blind-fold, so she still doesn't know who it was. She's dying to know and wants to do it again. She also doesn't know that I videoed the whole thing and secretly watch it from time to time when she's not home!

— Vince, 40