Sleeping With An Old Wrinkly

I'm thirty-eight and have been married now for five years. My mother-in-law is sixty-two but would pass for early fifties. She's small in stature and a little plump around her middle but has a gorgeous bum. I've dreamt about screwing her for ages. She's made odd, flirtatious comments in the past and last Christmas when we were alone for a couple of minutes. I tried it on by giving her a passionate kiss under the mistletoe. To my surprise, she was more than willing, and she didn't complain when I reached around and started caressing her bum. We didn't speak about it again, and I always wondered what might have happened if we'd been alone for longer. Then, this summer, my dreams came true. Her other daughter has a small cottage with an adjacent holiday let chalet which the family would stay in when visiting. I was due to be working in the area for a day and had offered to drive her down. We'd stay overnight, and I'd drive her back the next day. The chalet has two bedrooms. She would have the double and I'd have the bunk. We drank a fair bit of wine and, towards the end of the evening, my sister-in-law shouted from the kitchen and asked me, "Will you be okay sleeping in the bunk?" "Yeah, fine," I answered. My mother-in-law squeezed my thigh and whispered, "You can share my bed if you don't mind sleeping with an old wrinkly". I returned a smile and wondered if she meant it. We retired to the chalet and after taking turns in the bathroom, we entered the main bedroom. We didn't speak at all. I was pretty quick getting undressed and jumped into bed totally naked. She turned off the lights, undressed, and slid in beside me, but she kept her knickers on. I leant over as if to kiss her goodnight, and we started kissing passionately. I got on my knees, pulled down her knickers, lay between her legs, and positioned myself. She put her hands on my shoulders. For a second, I thought she was about to push me away, but she said, "Don't you dare tell anyone about this." We made love three times that night and it was fantastic. Since then, we've had sex twice and, to my surprise, each time it's been very raunchy. For a woman over sixty, she certainly knows how to enjoy herself.

— Marvin, 38