Cross-Dress Forever

My cousins' friend enthralled me in her ballerina outfit when I was eleven. Twenty years and two kids later, I spent too much time on the Internet and began cross-dressing on business trips and picking up other guys. My wife found out when I didn't get all the mascara off after a "golf outing". She was cool with it. She was not cool about me giving oral sex in the back seat of someone's car while wearing six-inch heels, a black miniskirt, fishnets, and a boa. Now I have a boy-toy, but he likes my cross-dressing even less. He won't even have sex when I buy a new pair of high heels, panties or even a shimmery, slinky new dress. Imagine that. Should I have switched teams? Oh well, I'll love the ex, him, and my fetish until death do tear this sheer, cute, little nightie off me.

— Scott, 37