Mother-In-Law Surprises

My mother-in-law visits my wife and me every few months. My wife enjoys spending time with her, and I get a little alone time, so we both look forward to seeing her. Her last visit, however, revealed a side of her that I didn't believe existed. My wife and I enjoy making risqué "home movies" and taking provocative photos of each other. We store them on our home computer, and because we have no children, they aren't in secured files. One night during my mother-in-law's last visit, I was catching up on some late work in my upstairs office. I assumed my wife and her mother were asleep as it was getting close to 2:00 a.m. I put my work away and was about to head down stairs when I noticed someone had the computer on in the living room. I peeked my head around the corner and was shocked to see my mother-in-law sitting at the computer viewing me in a home movie doing a striptease for my wife. She was masturbating with one hand and massaging her big breasts with her other as she moaned and whispered my name. I was frozen spellbound by the scene in front of me. I just stared as she reached a pretty wild orgasm. I made sure I couldn't be seen and watched as she searched through the pictures looking for ones of me! She would stop and look at each one and make very sexual comments. After a few minutes, I came to my senses and high-tailed it to bed with a very different impression of my fifty-one-year-old mother-in-law. I was sure she hadn't seen me, and there was no way I could tell my wife what I saw. So, I just kept replaying that amazingly stimulating scene in my head. That afternoon, I decided to record another home movie of myself and load it on the computer. I still wasn't sure what I wanted to happen, but the scene the night before was such a turn-on I was hoping for a repeat. That night, I excused myself to go to bed early, and then I waited to see if I could catch her in the act again. I got up at 2:00 and tiptoed to the living room door. Sure enough, she was there again. When she saw the newly loaded video, she looked surprised and looked around. I was out of sight, and she began to watch it. She watched the five-minute video five or six times, each time moaning louder. I thought for sure she would wake my wife up! She literally shook with orgasm and sat back. She then said out loud to herself, "Oh, God, I want you so bad." I was so turned on that I went to my bathroom and finished myself off. She left the next evening, and I was almost relieved. I had been getting little sleep, and I wasn't sure how often I could get away with watching her secretly. A couple of days after she left, I decided to act on my impulse. I burned a DVD of the videos she had watched plus some very sexy photos of myself, and I mailed them along with a letter explaining what I had seen and how amazingly aroused I was watching her. I waited an anxious few days until she called me and told me she got my "present". She said she had a crush on me since the day we met, and that she tried to suppress her feelings, but when she saw the pictures and videos she had to let loose. She also told me that as soon as her husband leaves for work, she puts the DVD on the big screen and goes at it. She made me promise to send more. We decided we're not sure if either of us wants to take the next step to cheat on our spouses or just to keep it a wonderful erotic fantasy. I guess we'll find out on her next visit!

— Simon, 32