No (G)Strings Attached

Recently, I was at a party next door with my wife and most other couples from our neighborhood. As the party was winding down, more and more people were leaving, and the restroom on the main floor was being used. So, I went upstairs and used the hosts' restroom in their bedroom. I quickly finished and noticed a hamper in the corner. My heart started racing with the thought of her used panties inside. Sure enough, I lifted the lid and dug around a little until I found a sexy, lacey g-string. As I was taking a nice, big, long sniff of the crotch, she walked in. I tried to hide them, but it was no use. To my surprise, she lifted her skirt, removed another sexy g-string, handed them to me, grabbed my bulge in my pants, and walked out. We have been having a "No Strings Attached" affair for the last three years, and both of us are loving it. I was a very, very fortunate as this could have ended up being a very embarrassing moment in my life had she freaked out and made me leave.

— Jeremy, 32