The Hottest Vacation

That summer vacation with her was the hottest ever. We'd heard about a secluded beach where we could sunbathe nude. After a lot of searching, we found it. Watching my gal strip down and bask in the sun all day, her long, lean body shining with sweat, was too much. While she napped in the sun, I began to touch her softly. Just then I looked up and saw a guy walking by. As he saw what was going on, he stopped maybe ten feet away and watched. She began to whimper softly as I continued to caress her. Then I leaned down and started to do things I knew always turn her on intensely. Opening her eyes, she looked sleepily up at me, and smiled. "We have an audience," I whispered to her. She turned her head to the side and smiled wider, to my surprise. I looked a question at her. "Pleeeease?" she responded. With agonizing slowness, we began having sex. The man watching us started to pleasure himself. She turned aside to watch our eager fan. "C'mere," she said to him. He did not need to be told a second time. He fell to his knees beside her, and she just began giving him oral. I think she was hotter and more turned on than ever before. I know I was. When we'd all recovered, our friend sat down with us, introduced himself, and we drank a bottle of wine together. Shortly after, we all went at it again, right there on the beach.

— Bradley, 47