Guilty Mother-In-Law

I had fancied my mother-in-law for a year or so since glimpsing her getting dressed one morning at my house. She had never entered my mind as a woman to lust over or fancy until then. However, after that day, she took my thoughts over and I fantasized about her regularly. I had seen her in a beige lace bra with a matching waist slip, and she looked gorgeous. My own sex life was nearly dead due to my wife losing interest after giving birth to two sons. As my birthday approached, she took me aside and asked what I would like as a present from her. I looked her in the eye and, with true regret, told that what I really wanted would never be achievable. She pursued the matter and asked why this 'present' was so special. I told her that it was a dream of mine, and dreams very seldom come true. A day or so later, she called me at work and said that she was totally intrigued by my wish that she was determined to find out what it was that I wanted so badly. I agreed to meet her for lunch the next day near my office. We sat in a cubicle away from wagging ears. We both drank a cocktail, and I still refused to let her know what was in my mind. She asked for clues, and I told her that it involved her and her alone. On that basis, I also asked her not to be angry with me or hold this against me as she had insisted on knowing. She was still not clear and sat pondering what I had just said. It seemed that suddenly the penny dropped. She blushed at first and then composed herself before asking me to be more explicit. I looked at her intently, drew a deep breath, and told her that I had a crush on her and that it was my deepest wish to be with her just once in my life. I apologized and repeated my condition that she was not to be angry or upset in any way. She sat back and fixed me with a very clear, grey-eyed look. She reached over the table and put a hand on mine and said that what I had just said was one of the sweetest things she had ever had said to her and that she was very grateful for such a compliment. She asked me how this thought had fermented in my mind and what could possibly be behind it. I told her that her daughter and I had had no sex at all since my second son's birth two years ago and that she had been the most appealing woman near me in that period, and I seemed to have locked onto to her instead of looking elsewhere. I couldn't bring myself to say exactly what I was thinking, and she saw the struggle I was having. She told me, in a very kindly manner, that of course there was no way this could happen, but she felt very strongly about the lack of love and sex in my marriage. During the rest of the lunch, she plied me with other questions, and we had the most frank discussion I had ever had with a woman. We discussed what was a turn on for me, and I told her nice lingerie for one and various other things that she had in abundance. We parted company after lunch, and I felt better for having said these things to her because I still fancied her terribly and thought that maybe, just maybe, she might still buckle and see it my way. That night, she called my wife and they spoke for ages about a pending trip planned with all of us for my birthday weekend. When she had finished, my wife told me that her mother had thought it may be a better idea to go to their place for the weekend as her father had the chance of a place in a fishing competition the day after my birthday. We got there during Saturday morning, and all was as normal. There was no sign of a problem from the mother-in-law, and I was relieved. In fact, if anything, my mother-in-law was a little more friendly than normal, and I was happy with that. The party went very well, and we all drank a little too much. I got my birthday kisses from everybody except my mother-in-law, and I was troubled about that. As we were all saying good night and setting off for bed, my mother-in-law called me from the kitchen. I went to see what she wanted. She looked over my shoulder to see that the others had gone upstairs and pulled me to her and placed her lips on mine with her tongue forcing my mouth open. I shook with shock for a moment but returned her kiss and put my arms around her. As suddenly as she had started, she then stopped and said that the kiss was as near to my 'present' as she could get for the moment. She then dismissed me and went to bed. Sunday morning was an early start for some, namely my father-in-law, wife, and sons because they all went to the fishing competition. I was lazing in bed, thinking about the kiss last night when my mother-in-law appeared with a tray in her hands with two cups and some biscuits. She was wearing a negligee over her beige waist slip and lace bra. I swallowed hard as she set the tray next to the bed and asked me to go and brush my teeth. I was nude in bed but thought what the hell? I got up and went to the bathroom. I came back, and she was still sitting where she was. I now was getting excited. She stood, came to me, took me in her arms, and we started kissing again. We began touching one another sensually. It was ecstasy. We were in no hurry. We kissed and caressed each other. She was still pampering me, and I began to give her oral sex. She returned the favor, and then we had regular sex as well. Remarkable. Stupendous. I will be looking for superlatives about her for a long time. She explained her change of mind was due to both guilt for me having such a crush that flattered her, and the fact that her daughter could leave such a man without attention. She told me bluntly that this was my present and it was the end of the adventure. I asked her what about Christmas and my next birthday. She wagged a finger under my nose and left me alone.

— Ted, 58