Shared My Wife

My wife and I have always discussed fantasies about sharing her or me when we had sex. We did this for years until an opportunity for us to try it for real presented itself. We were on vacation and met a nice guy who was on a business trip and was taking a few extra days to relax. He was younger than us, in his early thirties, and nice looking. He seemed like a lost puppy at times. So, he hung out with us a lot in the evenings. Two nights before we were to leave, all three of us were drinking at the bar and having a good time. He went to the bathroom, and I brought up the idea of sharing her with him. My wife liked the idea and admitted she had thought about it. We finished our drinks and got into the elevator. When the elevator got to our floor, he thought we were getting out. Instead, my wife kissed me deeply and told me she would call me to come up afterwards. She took his hand, and they got off. I took the elevator to his floor and back down to the lobby. About an hour later, she texted me to come up. When I came into my room, she was in bed, naked and beaming. He was gone, and we did not hear from him again. I hopped into bed, and we started getting it on. She told me about how they had sex when we started to have sex. It was such a rush! It has been a few years since this happened. We may do it again one day.

— Marc, 39