Against The Rules

One Friday afternoon at work I was called into the HR office. Apparently, the HR manager heard a "rumor" that I was fooling around with another co-worker. This was a very bad situation because the company frowned on interoffice relationships. When she confronted me with the rumor, I told her the truth. I confessed that work had kept me so busy that I didn't have time to meet people outside the office. I work ten, sometimes twelve, hour days and take work home with me on the weekends. I do all of this for the company. She counseled me on the company policy and told me that the relationship had to end or I had better do a better job of covering it up. I apologized for my indiscretion, and I told her that the story got out because the girl I was involved with was very young, only nineteen years old. I told her that what I really wanted was someone that was more mature. I told her that I wasn't looking for a committed relationship because I was already committed to the company. She said she completely understood. She has had the same problems since her separation. She also hinted to me that it had been a long time since she had been with anyone. The personal confession went on for a few more minutes. I then walked over to the other side of her desk. She stood up with a bewildered look on her face. I leaned down to give her a hug just to let her know I understood what she was going through. Next thing, she closes her eyes and plants a kiss on my lips. After our incredibly hot session, we both decided that we needed to continue our "discussion." We packed up for the weekend, closed the office, and went to my house. We ended up spending the entire weekend in the bed. It's been two months and my meetings with HR are as fruitful as ever!

— Julian, 36