A New Kind Of Sex

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to a gay bar with a few friends, a couple of whom are gay. The conversation digressed to anal sex. Those who tried it were split between 'the greatest sex ever' and 'never, ever, again!' I must admit, I became fairly curious but thought nothing of it. Later that night, my girlfriend took her drunk friend home, and I soon got bored without her. So, I went back to my house, cracked open a bottle of beer, and sat in front of the TV. Reflecting on the night, I had an idea to find out about anal sex for myself. Taking the empty bottle to my room, I used moisturizer and began. Though a bit tough at first, I soon got into a rhythm and, sure enough, I found the 'G-spot' that we were talking about earlier that night. I can see why people like it. It was definitely an orgasm like I'd never experienced and was pretty darn amazing! I didn't think it could be pleasurable at all. Obviously, I was wrong!

— Hamal, 22