Feeling Witchy

I've always liked to wear sexy women's clothes like halters, cammies, and women's tank tops. Recently, I stumbled onto a website that featured men who wear women's one-piece bathing suits and got very excited. There were pictures, and I tell you these guys looked gorgeous. I immediately went out and bought two bathing suits in my size, one cross back and the other backless. I went home, tried them on, and marveled at myself in the mirror. I looked so sexy in the backless one that I masturbated twice. I wore the cross-back one to a cruising park in my area one sunny hot day and sunbathed. Several guys kept walking by, checking me out. I know they were hot for me, but not into that. I just like to dress sexy, feel witchy, and get off on my own. I can't wait until next summer to wear them out again.

— Paul, 56