Double Indiscretions

Shortly after turning thirty-four, I was hired as the comptroller of an insurance company. Within weeks of starting this new job, the CEO asked me to act as a sort of counselor to a group of employees who were to plan and organize the company Christmas party. I met with the group several times. The group was made up of several subordinate males and two beautiful young women from the steno pool. The group finally selected a country club banquet hall, and the plans were settled one evening over drinks in a local night spot. The group broke up to go home, however, the two young women, one a blue eyed blond, and the other a brown eyed brunette, both married and in their mid-twenties, showed no signs of wanting to leave, and both started flirting with me... it seemed as though both were competing for my attention. After a half hour or so of flirtatious bantering, I told them that although I was married, I¹d have a hard time not wanting to make love to both of them. But I also told them it would be difficult to choose which one. The ladies got up and went to the restroom. After they returned, they suggested that I go with each one - not as a threesome, but each in turn. For the first evening, I chose the blond. She was married and told me before we started making love that her husband was sterile. We made wild passionate love. The next evening after work the brunette, who was also married, met me. We drove to a lover¹s lane and made wild passionate love. After that, I would meet each girl in turn, I would allow two days between each so I would not arouse too much suspicion with my wife. These affairs continued for week after week. Into the fourth month, the blond told me she was two months pregnant with my child. She said that we would have to cease activities while she tried to square things with her sterile husband. That was okay, for the brunette wanted me more often. Lo and behold, she too became pregnant. She strongly felt that the child was mine. Damned, both females went to a doctor who was a close friend of mine. On discovering what happened, he chewed my butt for allowing it to happen. Oh, the blond named the child after me!

— Elijah, 72