Advice On Webcams

I would advise guys who have the slightest inclination to buy a web cam to not do it. You know what I mean. I like to think of myself as an appropriate exhibitionist. Naturally, kids and unsuspecting women are off-limits. Neither appeal to me, thankfully. But a woman who allows me to show the "junk" online over a web cam is pretty powerful for me. I like to get permission first. Not every woman is into this sort of thing, but many are and that is great. There is the concern over privacy and who can really see you. I'd hate to see myself pop-up somewhere on a video dumping site. But the real concern is the addictive qualities the behavior can take on. I've had to throw away three cameras because of the time I spent pursuing this turn-on. I have gone three months now without it and have not caved in. If you are not the addictive type, I suppose you might get away with a one-and-done on this kind of activity. But, be honest with yourself. It can be a real obstacle and sort of self-destructive in a way. Hope someone is helped by this confession.

— Shawn, 36