Foreplay With The Plumber

I have this fantasy of my wife having to skip work to be at home for the plumber, who comes to fix our bathroom. While he works on his stuff, my wife takes advantage of the time to vacuum and organize our bedroom, which is connected to the bathroom. She, of course, does it as usual in her pajamas; a thigh length loose cotton night gown, which is sort of long t-shirt. The plumber notices her undies through the fabric and even gets to see them when she bends over to vacuum. She gets turned on when she catches him checking her out, so she purposely continues showing off for him. Eventually, he calls her to supervise him doing his job. In the small space of the bathroom, his hands can't help making contact with her legs, but she pretends not to notice. He keeps doing it until I come home unexpectedly from work. She is so excited and she knows she can't hide it. I tell the plumber good bye and pretend I am leaving to go back to work. Her arousal makes her confess what happened and she begs me to make love to her.

— Walter, 41