The Confusing Path

I was never romantically involved during high school. For one, selection was very limited and, secondly, because we didn't care about it since some of us thought that we would hit it big time during college. Besides, that's how it happens in the movies, right? This meant that I had no previous experience in love or romance. In other words, I was a naive virgin. Anyway, I got a reality check as soon as the first semester ended and panic ensued. So, during my third semester, I had a lab class which took place once a week. It was something I despised and loathed, until I met this incredible woman. She was one of those who you would probably see being the life of the party, but she had a poise and elegance that I have rarely seen. So, we would walk after our class and just talk about almost anything while walking to her car. Of course, she had a boyfriend. So, out of respect, I didn't try anything funny. Then one fateful day she came to class, but without that spunk she normally had. It turned out her boyfriend broke up with her. So, as a friend, I tried comforting her during and after class. She then asked if I could help her study for her history class in a secluded study area. Unfortunately, fate threw a curveball at me when I was interrupted by a call to chauffeur my brother and mother home since I had the only car at the time. I realized that my life had now split into two paths. I knew deep down that if I took the first one with this girl, there would be romance. There was nothing I wanted more than to kiss her and hold her hand through that path, but I panicked since this was new to me. I said goodbye and left, regretting that very moment when I saw her face turn into disillusion as I left. Time passed, she went back to her former boyfriend, rarely spoke to me again since she probably thought I purposely left her there. I was left with a fresh slash in the heart. They always say you remember your first heartbreak. It's kind of funny considering the fact that the relationship never even got of the ground. As I met other women, I realized that this one girl really meant something even though I hadn't realized it. And as time goes by, I will never forget that mistake I made in that quiet fall day. Now, this little story does have a lesson in it. If anything came out of this it would be that I gained invaluable experience for any future romance. Amigos, if you ever meet a girl and it reaches a moment where the path divides into a fork, listen to what you say. Ignore everything that exists in this world in the past, present, and future. Look into her eyes and go for it. Do it al gusto because even if you feel scared of what's the worst that could happen, or of what you don't know, that leap of faith will definitely be worth whatever consequence may come out of it.

— Alejandro, 21