My Wife's Responsive Body

My thirty-nine-year-old wife has finally gotten a way to increase my sex drive. It all began when we listened to a conversation between two friends of our eighteen-year-old son. They were saying my wife was hot. We both got turned on and had very good sex later that night. The following weekend, my wife happened to have some of our son's friends over for a pajama party. She would spend a lot of time with them, wearing a short cotton nightgown with only thongs and no bra underneath. She made sure her hanging breasts got the teenagers' attention. She would put lotion on our son's feet and offered them the same treat. She then asked them to return the favor by putting lotion on her feet, making sure they got a good view of her legs and panties. When she got back to our bedroom, she couldn't help but to orgasm at my first touch. I was so aroused. We had sex like we haven't had since a long time ago. I look forward to our son's friend visits.

— Jared, 41