She Called Me Her Boss' Name

We are a pretty conservative couple. That is to say, we consider private our intimate life. This night, our friends invited us over for dinner. After dessert, they had planned on playing table games. One of the wives that had had a little too much wine suggested to play the "fantasies game" and started saying hers about being watched by her neighbors while sun-tanning naked in her backyard. Her husband took it as a joke and said his was watching his neighbor's wife naked while sun-tanning in their backyard. Everybody burst out laughing, and somehow the game began. My wife surprised me when she said her fantasy has always been to have sex with the black guy that was flirting with her some twenty-two years ago when we began dating. Now, her present-day boss resembles him a lot. I also wanted to make a joke out of it and said mine was watching my wife having sex with her boss. Later that night at home, Marie was in the mood. She took off her clothing and waited for me on the bed with only her undies on. She said the fantasies game had turned her on very badly. After making love, I asked her if she really had that thought for the black guy who was flirting with her over twenty years ago. She told me not to worry since she chose me, but it was just the idea of being so close to dating a black guy that made her curious about having sex with a black man. Now that her boss is black, sometimes at work the same idea crosses her mind. We are a very stable and happy couple and thought nourishing our fantasies could be beneficial. So, I suggested we invite her boss over for dinner. She acceded, and so she did. Marie is a thirty-nine-year-old, freckled, pale white woman with reddish brown hair. She stands about 5' 7" and weighs about a hundred and twenty-five pounds. The night her boss came over, she dressed very informally but sexy for him. The idea was catching his attention, nurturing in that way Marie's fantasy. She wore a loose skirt a little over her knees and a tight cotton t-shirt with no bra. We were all bare-footed since we were sitting on the floor around our living room table for a Japanese-style sushi dinner. During the whole night, Marie was giving her boss all sorts of attentions, including nice views of her pale, white and smooth legs, especially when standing up from the floor to go for more food or drinks. Her boss was certainly trapped by her charms, and Marie knew it. When her boss and his wife were gone, she wanted nothing but to have sex. She told me the voracious looks of her boss aroused her so much she could barely help thinking of him having her bad. We had sex right after without more preambles. The next day, I rented a porn video featuring black guys and white girls. We have been enjoying sex while watching this type of video ever since. She even calls me her boss' name.

— Ephraim, 41