New Teacher

I am a teacher who met a new teacher who was just hired this year. We met on the playground shortly after the school year started. We struck up a conversation and began hanging out. The problem was, I am married. The new teacher didn't care and continued to hang onto me. Finally, after a late night grade level meeting for parents and a dinner for us two, we hooked up big time. We spent all our time together and everyone got suspicious. She didn't care and said openly, "Let people talk." After several love making sessions, things got too intense and we had to call it off after another teacher complained to our principal that something seemed to be going on between us. Oh well, the sex was excellent and the thrill of getting caught made for a few more love making sessions. To this day there are rumors, but no one knows for sure. Though, out of guilt, I transferred to a new school to keep my wife happy. She has no idea either!

— Ethan, 34