Indiscreet Workmate

I'm sick of my wife's low sexual appetite. I got some sexy undies for her to wear for me. It didn't work as I wanted. So, the next morning, I asked her to wear them to work so maybe she would think of it during the day and later in the night she would be interested in sex. In her office, her workmate next desk noticed it and told her out loud, "You're wearing thongs, huh?" without knowing her boss was entering in their office. "Sure she is," added her boss. Later at home, my wife told me she couldn't stop thinking about her boss and her panties all day long. We had sex that night. Next day, she also wore thongs and, of course, it was pretty noticeable since her behind was free of panty lines. That day, her boss commented to her that nowadays thongs are getting popular among women and his wife also wears them. It was obvious he said it to let my wife know he knew she had thongs again. That night, we also had sex. Next morning, she woke up very enthusiastic, took a shower, and spent some time drying her hair in front of the mirror wearing only thongs. She looked so attractive that morning, but I had to leave to work. I kissed her good bye and left. That day she didn't wear pants but a loose, knee-high skirt. Nobody could guess she had thongs underneath, and she realized her boss stared at her skirt some times in search of a view. When in the small coffee room at lunch time, she bent over the counter in front of him to reach some napkins in order to tease him. He probably took it as an invitation and slid a hand between her legs as if he wanted to find out the type of undies she had. My wife never thought her boss was going to do such a move and got in shock without saying a word or moving an inch. He apparently took it as an approval and went all the way through. At that time, her arousal was so much she couldn't help letting him play with her. That night, she was scared and confessed it to me. We had sex.

— Joseph, 41