My Excitement Is Obvious

My sister did typing for Mr. Rogers, the guy next door and long-time neighbor. She was just nineteen. She did the typing at home and then took it over in the evening. This was in the mini skirt era, and Alice wore them proudly showing off her long legs. At times, some tempting upskirt was offered depending on her mood. Nice sheer panties. I am upstairs and I loved spying on the guy and his wife. Well, this time I see my sister and him looking at her work. They stand real close. His arm wraps around her waist, and he kisses her. She drops the papers and holds him tightly. The next thing, he puts his hand under her skirt and lifts. Yikes! Sheer red panties. He grips those nylon-covered cheeks and pulls her to him. Then she pushes away. He takes her bathroom and the door shuts. My excitement is obvious, and I finish in no time.

— Larry, 49