Public Restroom Encounter

I dressed in my panties, garter belt, stockings, and a full slip one night and pulled my jeans on with a button-up shirt. Then I went to a local mall. While in there I went to the bathroom, went into a stall, and sat down. Now, I have done this many times and have sat there and pleasured myself until I finished. Well, this time I was sitting there and I heard someone in the stall beside me. So, I sat really quiet. Then I felt a tug on my slip. I realized it was hanging down past the stall and the man on the other side was rubbing the silky material between his fingers. Soon he let go, and I heard him get up, walk around, and pull open my stall door which I had never locked. He stepped in and pulled out his rather large tool. I was a bit scared as I had never been with a man, but I decided to give it a try. As I agreed, we began having oral sex. I must have done okay because in a very short time he finished. It was a very hot experience that I hope to replay again.

— Eric, 48