Flirting with my Assistant

I am a professional in construction management and have just turned (if I may say so) a young looking, sexy 46. Recently, the company hired a new Administrative Assistant who is 19, beautiful and intelligent. I am not married, have been single for the past five years. She is not married either, however has a young boyfriend. It has become obvious through some mutual flirting that she is interested in me. I'm not sure how far she will go but, now there are loving, flirting messages flying back and forth via email. I know myself well enough to know that there is no way, when the time comes, that I will turn her down and I can't wait. I feel that the time is near. Her plan, go to college and get her degree in engineering. My plan, let her and make sure that she knows to let me go before she goes so she will not miss the fun of young college life.

— Tony, 46