Long Time Not Using It

Last week when my wife had gone to work and our kids to school, I was checking my email when my mother-in-law, who is visiting from out of town, unexpectedly came in the room looking for a book. I was naked from my waist downward since my computer is in a room next to my bedroom. I wanted to cover, but she said not to worry since she was just going to be there only for an instant. And, on top of that, I had nothing new to her knowledge. In her sixties and a little over-weight, she is not attractive anymore. But there was something about me naked and her in the same room that turned me on. So, I got excited. I tried to cover it by turning around, but she realized it and stayed longer with me. Actually, she moved closer and began to ask me about this book. Then she suddenly stopped when she got a better view of me saying, "You have nothing new to me, but it's a long time not using it." Those words were like magic because I kind of got in a trance, got up, moved towards her, embraced her, and pressed myself against her body. She stayed calmed for a second, but then gently pushed me off and told me, "Let's take it easy." Then she grabbed me and began with soft caresses. It was not long after that I finished over her hands and dress. I was mute, but she said, "It's all my fault." Then she took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up gently with a warm, wet towel.

— Raymond, 41