Caught With Panties Down

When I was nineteen, I was a typical horny teen except I liked to wear panties and stockings. It started with my mother's stuff, and then I got the courage to buy my own. We had a new neighbor move in across the street. She was a divorced mother of two, what today we would call a MILF in her mid thirties. She was very nice to me, and I enjoyed spending time with her. Her kids would go to the dad one weekend a month. She almost always took that time to go out of town. She asked me take care of her yard and her cats. She showed me where the hidden key was located and said to help myself to sodas. Of course, as soon as I was in the house alone, I went exploring for panties. She had a great collection. They were all very sexy. I would pick a pair and take care of business. This went on for a few months. Unfortunately, I made a mistake one time and wore the panties home leaving my underwear in her bedroom. A couple of hours later, I realized my mistake and went back only to find her home early. She let me in the house and offered me a soda. After some small talk, she asked if I had been in her panty drawer. I said of course not, why would I do that? She asked me to stand in front of her. She looked deep into my eyes and asked again. I said no, that is silly. She then yanked my shorts down only to reveal the pink panties I had borrowed. At this point, I am in panties in front of this beautiful woman, and I quickly go to full salute. She pulled the panties down and started to give me oral sex. I had never had oral sex before let alone from an experienced woman. What a feeling. She said, "This will be our little secret. Let me keep doing this, and I won't tell your mother about the panties."

— Rolland, 56