Diaper Control

I am neither incontinent nor do I have a diaper fetish. I am just into diapers. I have a lady friend who likes to keep me under her control. She tried panties and girdles, but they did not put me into as awkward a position as she wanted. They were not visible enough. If I get into a situation where I really need to go to the toilet, she sometimes keeps me from doing so and warns me of the consequences of an accident. Lately, her trick is to go out to dinner and keep me occupied until we are on the way home. Recently, she forced me to have an accident. Then, when I was thoroughly embarrassed and obviously wet, she took advantage of my vulnerable position and put me into adult disposable diapers and sweat pants before we came home. When we got home and once the diaper was wet, she decided I needed to be double diapered, and she punched dozens of holes in the wet diaper's plastic cover and put a second one over it. That way I stayed in the first wet diaper and had another one on over it to allow me to wet more. I thought I was going to get out of the diapers for the night, but she was very vocal about me being a big baby and that I was going to stay diapered as a lesson. In light of this rant, I asked to change them to dry ones, but she took care of that by taking a permanent marking pen and signing the packing tape she put around my waist to keep me from taking them off. I was off to bed in a wet double diaper. And, she did check in the morning. She has been using this technique now for a little while. When dressed in diapers around the house, I can only wear a t-shirt so she can ensure I am diapered and wet and thus very much under her control. How can one be the man of the house if openly wearing a wet diaper? Lately, I have to wear a diaper as soon as I come home from work until I get up in the morning, and she is threatening to keep me diapered 24/7. But for now, I'm just diapered, wet and compliant.

— Jose, 55