Obsession: Breasts

I have an obsession with the female breast. I love them! Since I have always had excess breast fat and have been wearing bras for many years, maybe that's why I love women's breasts. I have to use breast pads, or falsies, to add to my breast and to look sexy in my bra. I love looking at myself in my underwear: bra, panties and nylons. I love Asian women, and I have found websites to view topless Asian ladies online. I have just read the confession, "It's only Clothing" by Benjamin, 54, and he's a cross-dresser after my own heart. I wish he had real breasts. I have been dreaming and wishing I had real ones for years. No one knows about my cross-dressing. I'm too old, so pads and falsies will just have to do. I, too, order all my sexy underwear online. That's the best way, but you have to know your correct size so you don't have to send anything back. Enjoy your dressing up, Benjamin!

— Lawrence, 64