Skintight Latex Leggings

I'm a man. I told the woman in the unisex "goth" shop that I wanted some snug slacks to go with a rather generic black uniform I was trying to cobble together. She suggested that I "exaggerate" from the waist down with skintight, black latex leggings. Skeptical and somewhat embarrassed, I took a chance. She told me to use a lube to make them easier to put on. She didn't tell me what was going to happen. I used a lube, and they slid on so fast and easy. And then, I couldn't believe I was wearing anything at all. They looked so tight, but they felt like me, skin-fitting and cool-feeling. And you could see everything. The second time I put on the leggings, I took a regular late-night trip to the local copy shop. I added black leather harness boots and a very short black leather jacket and, as an afterthought, my seldom-worn black leather officer's hat. I went out. I expected to be laughed at. Instead, I got compliments. Walking through the little parking lot, a man said, "Look at you!" and gave me a thumbs-up. Inside the shop, the only other customer smiled while looking me up and down approvingly, saying she had "never seen such tight pants on a man". When I was ready to leave, the guy at the counter asked if I wanted to have a cup of coffee with him and talk about my outfit later that night. The only question I got was, "What do you wear under those pants?" The answer I gave, "Nothing."

— Orphie, 48