Curious Minds

Ever since I was a teenager, I always had this thought of being sexually attracted to a guy. I thought I was weird or something. I could never shake the thought from my mind. In university, I had several opportunities but never followed through with them. I started dating this girl, and she would never put out. So, on the way home from her place, I would stop at the neighborhood bookstore to pick up a flick. One day, I decided to check out the preview booth. I started watching a flick and was getting really turned on. There was suddenly a knock on the door. I put myself back in my pants and answered the door. The guy asked me if I wanted some company. He gave me the best oral of my life. I went back a few times but only got oral. Since then, I have purchased bi porn and I loved it. I bought myself a toy and use it on myself on a regular basis. I have had male-male-female threesomes where the woman was almost not involved. I prefer sex with women, but I love giving a guy oral to turn a woman on and having him take me!

— Gregory, 32