Something We Both Had To Do

I had always felt a strong attraction to my mother-in-law. She is in her late forties now and very fit. Every time she came to visit, I would make it a habit to let her see me or catch me naked. I would leave the bedroom door cracked or the bathroom door open when I was showering. I noticed her watching me one day as I was getting dressed. I had all the mirrors angled just right so that I could see what she was seeing. We made eye contact until it grew uncomfortable for both of us. She asked me, through my wife, to come to her house on a weekend to do some outdoor chores for her. She made it a point to ask me to come when she knew my wife could not be there. When I arrived, she put me to work painting and fixing some boards on her privacy fence. It was really hot, so I shed my shirt. I am in pretty good shape, so I look decent. She called me in to offer me a drink, and we locked eyes. All of a sudden, we started kissing and grabbing all over each other. It seemed surreal. Then, she reached in my pants and started fondling me. Then she dropped to her knees. I could not believe it. She got up after a few minutes and led me to the bedroom. I stripped her down from behind and kneeled to kiss her. I was freaking out by this point. I kissed her all over and then bent her over the bed. We had sex for at least thirty minutes non-stop. We changed positions once to missionary so that we could stare at one another. This is the only time we ever had sex. She and I have never mentioned it again. I think it was something both of us had to do.

— Josiah, 25